Cake Toppers

The perfect solution if you want to make the cake yourself, but don't feel confident (or don't have the time) to make decorations for it. My cake toppers are all handmade from modelling sugarpaste (coloured with edible colour pastes), edible ink and edible glue. Apart from the odd hidden support (which are always highlighted to you), the toppers are completely edible; however, many people feel they don't want to bite into them, and keep them as a momento of their celebration. This level of quality, bespoke handmade decoration is simply not available in the shops. If you need something specific to be made from sugarpaste, please do ask for a quote. The price of bespoke toppers will vary depending on the time it takes to produce the design. Most toppers are presented in a food grade box ready to be placed onto your cake, and for storage afterwards if you so wished (smaller toppers are presented in a food safe bag). Please note; due to the fragile nature of these cake toppers; I do not consider them to be suitable for posting, and are available on a pre-ordered, collection only basis.
Wedding Couples
from £95
Zoe and Ian cake topper
bride & groom topper
Handmade using photos provided by the customer, to match up hairstyles/colour, features (e.g. glasses, tiara, designer stubble) and wedding outfits. 
Accessories available at additional cost, such as rucksacks or wardrobe, as shown here (they often have a story behind them....!). 

Personalised Figures 
single figure from £45
Milkybar Kid
Lauren and twins topper
Alan the scouter topper

Handmade using photos provided by the customer, to match up hairstyles/colour, features (e.g. glasses, designer stubble) and clothing. Accessories available at additional cost, such as R2D2, flag, books, wired decoration as shown on the central example above. 

Personalised Pets
single animal from £35

Popular Characters
Waybuloo Topper Set
Mario topper


    Waybuloo Piplins                                       Roary the Racing Car                                Mario 
    £15 each, set of four £50                       £25                                                                   £45

Matched as closely as possible for a good likeness to popular characters. A few examples are shown above; please enquire for other possibilities.

Handmade Cake Decorations
Perfect for standalone presentation on a homemade cake, or to supplement a personalised figure or wedding couple, for example. A few popular types of decorations are listed below; please do enquire if you'd like something that's not listed.

Garden Friends Toppers Set
(frog x 1, snails x 2, ladybirds x 2, bumble bees x 2, flowers and leaves, toadstools x 3, rocks, dragonflies x 2, caterpillars x 2) - £50

Hobbies Toppers Set
Including a sugarpaste disc with birthday message ready to lay onto a cake, and individual models to represent the birthday boy/girl's hobbies and interests. 
Disc - from £20, models - from £8 
(set pictured, as an example - £50)

lions toppermonkeys topper
from £5 each

mini foods and tea set

Miniature Tea Set (teapot, milk jug, 4 cups and saucers, sugar bowl)

Miniature Food Items (chocolate cake, plate of sandwiches, battenburg etc.)
from £4 each

stack of books topper
teddy bear topperTopiary and Pot Plants

Stack of Books (x4)                          Teddy Bear                                              Garden Set (two pot plants and a topiary tree)
from £8                                                     from £10 (dependent on size)            £10                                                            

Ribbon roses topper

Rose with Leaf (various sizes available)
from £4 for 10 sets (set= 1 rose + 1 leaf)

baby building blocks topper

Baby Building Blocks (personalised with baby's name, excellent for Christening cakes)
£3 per block

blossoms topper
Blossoms (3 sizes available, perfect as cupcake decorations)
from £4 per 100

Small Leaves 
from £4 per 50

butterflies topper

Butterflies (3 sizes available, perfect as cupcake decorations)
from £4  per 25


bumble bee topper
Bumble Bees 
£5 for 5