Celebration Cakes

Each cake is designed and created just for you.
Most people tend to have some sort of idea of what they might like, for example, a colour scheme, theme or favourite cartoon character to be featured.  Whatever your specification, I will work with you to come up with a design that suits your preferences, your tastes and your budget.
Some recent cakes from my kitchen (for even more, please visit my 'Cakes from my Kitchen' business page on Facebook)...

Jungle Themed Number 1

A chocolate fudge cake carved into a number 1 shape, and decorated with cheeky monkeys stealing bananas from the palm tree. Surrounded by leafy vines and jungle flora, the ribbon and lettering complemented the design. All edible and handmade.


A n 8" square victoria sandwich decorated with a handmade, edible, model of the birthday boy on his motorbike, speeding towards 65.  Photos were provided of the bike, helmet and jacket to ensure a good likeness.

Sophie the Donkey

An 8" square victoria sandwich decorated with handmade, edible models of Sophie the Donkey (created using pictures provided by the customer to ensure a likeness), the geese that accompany her in the field, vegetable snacks, woodgrain fence and grasses. 

Christening Bear, Blocks and Booties

A 9" victoria sandwich decorated with handmade teddy bear, building blocks featuring Maisey's name, pink booties and a ribbon looped bow. Dotted with teeny white blossoms and butterflies.

Owls on Branch

An 8" round chocolate fudge cake decorated with handmade owl models sitting on a tree. With stylised flowers around the edge with stitching and button centres to complement the ribbon. 

Ruby Wedding Gift

An 8" square chocolate fudge cake, decorated in the style of a gift. Complete with teeny hearts on the 'wrapping paper', satin ruby ribbon and diamante studded bow. A handmade gift tag finishes off the design.

The Muppet Show - Animal's Drum

A 10" victoria sandwich cake decorated in the style of a drum, with a handmade, edible, figurine of the drummer Animal from The Muppet Show bursting from the top. Featuring a handcut Muppet Show logo complete with Kermit the Frog.

Cocktails and Lace

An 8" victoria sandwich simply decorated with a silhouette of cocktail-loving Leanne in a martini glass. Finished with silver sugar pearls and black lace. 

Pink Princess Castle

A 10"  chocolate fudge cake topped with a 6" victoria sandwich. Finished with towers and turrets, flags, floral vines and handmade edible princess figurine. 

Angry Birds 

A 10" round chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream. Decorated with handmade, edible Angry Birds, pigs, blocks, bomb etc.

Thomas the Tank Engine....and Sheep!

An 8" square dairy free victoria sandwich decorated to look like Thomas on his railtrack is travelling through a field of sheep, managing to combine Jamie's most favourite things!

Train with Carriages

An 8" square victoria sandwich with bright white sugarpaste and blue accents. Featuring a handmade and completely edible train with two carriages, sugarpaste number 1 and lettering for the birthday boy.

Abney and Teal Theme

A 10" round victoria sandwich decorated with the theme of Abney and Teal from the popular CBeebies programme. 

Featuring handmade, edible, sugarpaste figurines of Abney and Teal, as well as Neep (the parsnip), and the Poc Pocs (the wooden birds). Abney and Teal live on an island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a park; which was reflected in the cake decoration.

Spongebob Squarepants Theme

A 10" round chocolate fudge cake topped with a 7.5" victoria sandwich, and a 4" edible model of Spongebob's pineapple house. 

Decorated with handmade, edible, sugarpaste figurines of Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward, Patrick, Plankton and Gary. Also included were lots of Krabby Patties, jellyfish, seaweed and pebbles, just as you see in the cartoon. 

Moka Akashiya Theme

A 10" square chocolate fudge cake decorated with the theme of Moka Akashiya from the Japanese animation book Rosario Vampire. 

Including a handmade sugarpaste figurine of Moka, vine covered gravestones, Moka's cat, and a cityscape to the edge (with bats and stars). Special attention was made to include the necklace that Moka removes to turn herself into her vampire state.

Simply Elegant

julies 60th
A contemporary design for Julie's 60th birthday, featuring a 'double barrelled' base tier of NEW chocolate fudge cake (2 cakes, 6 layers deep), topped with an extra deep victoria sandwich tier (4 layers deep). 

Finished with ivory and black sugarpaste, polka dot and satin ribbons, black lace and a fresh gerbera and palm leaf handmade decoration.

Golden Wedding with Roses

Golden Wedding with Roses

An 8" rich fruit cake sitting on a circle of roses, separated by a tier of ivory rose blooms tightly packed together, and topped with a 6" rich fruit cake top tier. Decorated with a top decoration of roses and diamante '50'. Finished with gold ribbon and piping detail to each tier. 

This design was decorated with foam roses.....surprisingly lifelike! 

Sleepy StegosaurusSleepy Stegosaurus

The dinosaur was carved from chocolate cake, covered with sugarpaste and dusted with edible colour for a more realistic graduated colour effect.

With a sandy covered board and little pool for the birthday message. 

Christening for Jake

Jake's Christening

Jake's cake was made from a 9" round victoria sandwich. The white / navy star pattern was inspired by Jake's babygrow that he wore when he was first brought home from hospital. The sugarpaste model shows Jake in the special babygrow, holding Patch the Dog under his arm; which is his favourite teddy.

Finished with a co-ordinating chiffon bow and sugarpaste covered board.

Afternoon Tea Party Table

Tea Party Table

Sandra is known for her excellent buffet making. So, her cake featured a range of handmade miniature foods presented to look like an afternoon tea table. Including sandwiches, vegetable crudites with dip, cookies, battenburg, chocolate gateau, fruit bowl, vase of roses, teapot and cups, napkins, etc. 

A 9" square victoria sandwich.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Anniversary

The customer provided me with a sketch of how his mum and dad's cake might look, and voila.... his ideas were turned into sugarpaste! 

The couple both enjoy gardening (pots of flowers and tools), jigsaw puzzles (under the lettering) and reading (stack of books). 'Dad' was a vicar (hymn board) who made a rocking horse (model featured) years ago. 'Mum' was a teacher (chalk board).

All accessories were handmade and edible.

Toy Story / Disney Cars Combo
Toy Story / Disney Cars

Louis couldn't decide on the theme that he wanted on his cake, so we combined his two favourites - Toy Story and Disney Cars. A 9" round was topped with a cake cube as the toybox and marshmallow polystyrene pieces.

In this case, the figurines used were plastic, and were provided by the customer. This not only reduces the cost of the cake, but also means that the birthday boy (or girl) has a lasting memento of their birthday cake to keep after all the cake has been eaten.

Upsy Daisy Two Tier

Upsy Daisy

A 10" round topped with a 7.5" round victoria sandwich. Decorated with white and baby pink sugarpaste, and finished with sugarpaste roses, lettering and a handmade model of Upsy Daisy from In The Night Garden (C Beebies).


A carrot cake filled with sicilian orange buttercream, covered with bright white sugarpaste and decorated with silhouettes of the famous four as on the cover of the Help album.


Ciara's hobby is ballet dancing, so this cake featured a model of Ciara in her ballet leotard and tutu. Surrounded by a circle of pastel blossoms, and a big chiffon bow.

An 8" square victoria sandwich.

Naming Day Garden Party
Naming Day

A 10" square victoria sandwich topped with an 8" square chocolate cake. Decorated with a variety of handmade sugarpaste animals and insects, including hedgehogs, rabbits, bees, ladybirds, caterpillars, butterflies, mice and white daisies. 

Topped with a large white bunny holding a butterfly, and pastel bunting surrounding the base tier.

All edible.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse
A round victoria sandwich with two smaller rounds for ears, a big polka dot bow, eyelashes and a cheery smile. 

Mario and Luigi
Mario and Luigi

A two tier chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, featuring Henry's favourite characters from his Nintendo Wii. Including a 'fondant burst' to the top tier, piranha plants, stars and mushrooms, as well as edible models of both Mario and Luigi, as seen on the Wii game.

Christening for Lily Mae
Christening Teddy and Blocks

A 10" square victoria sandwich covered with baby pink sugarpaste and decorated with pretty blossoms and butterflies, a cute teddy and some building blocks. Finished with a wired sugarpaste bead decoration and big chiffon bow.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk 
Cadbury's Dairy Milk

A chocolate cake (of course!) covered with purple sugarpaste and decorated to look exactly like a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. Complete with golden Cadbury logo, Fairtrade symbol and champagne bottle candles.

Football Theme - Middlesbrough United

Football - Middlesbrough Utd

For his 60th birthday, Terry's wife arranged this cake as a surprise. Terry is an avid fan of Middlesbrough United, so this cake featured a football and boots, Middlesbrough scarf and starburst in the team's colours. 

All handmade decorations, made from sugarpaste.

Union Flag - Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Union Flag

This victoria sandwich was a real whopper! It had to feed over 100 people, and measured 18" x 13". The silhouette of the Queen was adorned with silver sugar balls to bring out the sparkle of her diamond jewellery.

The hostess of the Jubilee party couldn't bear to cut into it on the day, so the guests went home with no cake and it was donated to the local community coffee morning the next day! 

Elliott's 21st

Elliotts 21st

This cake was truly personalised to Elliott. Featuring a model of him eating Milkybar chocolate (his favourite), he is surrounded by a Union Flag (he has links with the RAF cadets), R2D2 (he loves Star Warz), books (he is studying for a degree) and a stars/planets/moon burst (his degree is in Physics). The colour of the icing was matched to RAF blue.

The model was created using a photograph provided by the customer to ensure a true likeness to Elliott.

Transformers Theme

When Luka turned 5, his cake featured his favourite transformer; Optimus Prime. 

A 9" square victoria sandwich, decorated with handcut sugarpaste shapes to form the 'face', and lettering in the style of the Transformers logo, painted with edible silver paint for a metallic effect.

Fun at the Seaside


Irene grew up in Cleethorpes, and now enjoys taking her family there. This cake featured her three grandchildren and the family dogs, and famous landmarks from the seaside town. The lettering style was inspired by a painted steam train board in Cleethorpes (you know the ones that you stick your face into for a comedy photograph?!). 

Models of Irene, the dogs and the grandchildren were based on photographs provided by the customer.

A rich fruit cake base tier topped with a chocolate sponge top tier.

Rabbits in Garden
Rabbits in Garden

This 9" round was a chocolate marble cake filled with black cherry jam and vanilla buttercream - a special request as it's the favourite of the birthday girl. 

A great lover of watching the wildlife in her garden, this cake included ladybirds, bumble bees, butterflies, rabbits and many flowers nestled amongst the pot plants, cobbles and lawn area.

Bridge Game Table

Bridge Game Table

Pat enjoys regular bridge nights with her friends....four people, a pack of cards and a bottle of red! 

This one was a 10" square victoria sandwich.

All Things Chocolate
All Things Choc - Matthew

A 'manly' version of an old favourite - this one is a 6" chocolate sponge, surrounded by chocolate fingers, topped with giant chocolate buttons and Maltesers. A solid chocolate plaque coordinates with the ribbon.

Mickey Mouse Theme
Mickey Mouse Theme

Leo and his family had just been to Disneyland in Florida, so what better for his 3rd birthday than a Mickey Mouse inspired cake?! 

A deep 9" round topped with a small dome cake (for Mickey's head), decorated with sugarpaste Mickey silhouettes, coloured beads and wired starburst.

All edible (except the wires).

Fireman Sam with his Engine

Fireman Sam with his Engine
James is a big fan of Fireman Sam, so for his 3rd birthday, he was surprised with a cake featuring his favourite character with his fire engine. 

This cake was made to be a dairy free victoria sandwich, as James has allergies which means he can't eat standard cake.

Baking Bess
Baking Bess

Bess is 90 years young, and keeps herself busy in the kitchen baking all sorts of wonderful things from scratch. She is known for her homemade meringues and cups of tea! 

This cake featured a wide variety of decorations (all handmade in miniature from sugarpaste); a tray of meringues, a fruit bowl and pot plants, teapot and cups, cookie dough with rolling pin, bags of flour and sugar, eggs, butter, battenburg, sandwiches and chocolate cake. Finished off with a sugarpaste model of Bess in her apron.

Stella Bottle Cap
Stella Bottle Cap

Decorated on a 6" round victoria sandwich, this cake was handpainted with edible gold paint and red sugarpaste to mimic the branding on a Stella beer bottle cap. 

Bowling Theme
Bowling Theme

This cake was a 9" square victoria sandwich. Birthday boy Neil is a keen bowler with the Storrington Bowling Club, and is also the greenkeeper for the club's lawns. 

Neil's cake featured a personalised model of him (wearing his club shirt), a model of the trophy he won last season, and tucked around the back of the cake was an old fashioned lawn mower. All items were made from sugarpaste, to coordinate with the clipped topiary hedge and striped bowling lawn.

National Accident Helpline Dogs at Party
National Accident Helpline Dogs

When Harry turned one, his mum wanted to celebrate with a cake featuring his favourite characters from the TV! With presents, balloons, bunting and a big number 1, the cake had a real party feel to it. All decorations were edible and handmade.

This design was placed on a 10" round victoria sandwich.

Cheerleading Theme
Cheerleading theme

Hannah belongs to a stunt cheerleading team, (no pom poms in sight!) and has won many trophies for her efforts. The cake featured a handmade model of Hannah in her cheerleading outfit, models of the trophies her team has won, as well as her kit bag and water bottle. All accessories are handmade from sugarpaste. 

The ruby red colour was chosen to represent the floor in the room where the team trains, and an '18' candle was incorporated at the customer's request.

Tour de France Yellow Shirt
Tour de France Shirt

A shaped victoria sandwich decorated to mimic the winner's yellow shirt. Featuring sponsor's logo, cyclist number tag, and birthday message (on the board). The Tour de France logos are handpainted with edible food colour. 

Tidmouth Sheds - 'Thomas and Friends'
Tidmouth Sheds

A square chocolate sponge topped with another smaller sponge carved into the shape of Tidmouth Sheds. Featuring Charlie engine (who else, for birthday boy Charlie?!), and the faces of Gordon and James (Charlie's other favourites). With woodgrain track, a tree (around the side), bushes and pebbles, the scene is set for the trains' home on the Island of Sodor. All decorations are handmade from sugarpaste. 

Life Begins at 40

A chocolate sponge cake carved into numbers, and covered in chocolate flavour sugarpaste. Decorated with tiny 40's and a birthday plaque.

Fairy Toadstools
Fairy Toadstools

For two sisters sharing the same birthday party; two victoria sponge toadstools adorned with a wide variety of garden creatures as well as two fairies, all handmade from sugarpaste.

Golf Theme
golf theme

A round victoria sandwich filled and coated with vanilla buttercream, carved into shape and covered in sugarpaste. Featuring a bunker, bag of golf clubs, a few balls and a flag featuring the age of the recipient. 

Mickey Mouse Face
Mickey Mouse Face

A round sponge, carved into the shape of Mickey's face, and two smaller sponges for the ears. Including a birthday message on the cake board.

Princess Castle
Princess Castle

A two tier chocolate sponge filled with chocolate flavour buttercream and covered in sugarpaste. Including four towers topped with ribbon flags, edible climbing flowers to the 'walls' and a handmade sugarpaste princess standing by the cobblestone pathway that leads up to the door. Pretty pinks and lilacs, perfect for any birthday princess. 

Nok Tok and Friends

A victoria sandwich decorated with moulded sugarpaste in the style of the favourite TV show Waybuloo.  Featuring handcrafted decorations to re-create the Nara background, as well as edible figurines of the four piplings; Nok Tok, Yojojo, De Li and Lau Lau. This one included a sugarpaste number one, to mark George's first birthday.

Artist's Palette
Artist's Palette

A victoria sandwich covered with sugarpaste and decorated to mimic an artist's palette. Complete with woodgrain effect sugarpaste, blobs of paint, and a paint tube 'squirting' paint over the board. This one featured a little Westie dog too, a favourite of the recipient. All edible.

Triumph T100 Motorbike


A moist carrot cake filled and coated with zesty orange flavoured buttercream and covered with sugarpaste. Decorated to create a replica of Clive's dream motorbike - the Triumph T100. All edible.

Pool Party
A chocolate sponge cake filled with vanilla buttercream, decorated in the style of a swimming pool, complete with tiling, metallic steps and bunting. The design featured Ruby and her mum having fun in the pool, with their towels and flip flops waiting for them for when they'd finished!

Manchester United Theme
A completely dairy free victoria sponge cake - enabling Ben to have a birthday cake like other young lads. Featuring football boots, ball and a Manchester United scarf, all made from sugarpaste. A few co-ordinating stars on wires finished off the design.

Noah's Ark Christening Cake
This victoria sandwich was made with specialist margarine, making it completely dairy free - so all of Matthew's family could have some. A two tier design, featuring twelve pairs of animals around all four sides of the cake and a Noah's Ark model on top.
To view a video of this cake showing a 360 degrees rotation, visit my Facebook page 'Cakes from my Kitchen'. Click 'like' while you're there - the more the merrier!

Alan the Scouter
To celebrate Alan's 70th, the family ordered a cake with a Scouting theme. The victoria sandwich featured a model of Alan in his Scouter's uniform, together with a campfire and 'Dronfield District' sign. A few pebbles and greenery finished off the creation.

Motorbiking 'Grumpy'
The 'motorbike-mad' birthday boy, Carl, was told by his wife that on his birthday he would receive something with 2 wheels and an engine.....I hope he wasn't disappointed to find that it was on his cake!
A square victoria sandwich featuring a sugarpaste model of Carl on his favourite bike (based on photos provided by his wife), together with speed limit sign posts to reflect his age; halfway between 40 and 50.

Exhausted Runner
exhausted runner
The birthday boy, Charlie, is a keen runner. The sugarpaste figure of Charlie was modelled from photos provided by his wife, so the cake included replicas of his running outfit, water bottle, ipod shuffle and Oakley sunglasses. His wife was keen for the model to include a hint of a pot belly.....poor Charlie!

Naming Day Picnic
naming day picnic
A 12" victoria sandwich for 4 year old Lauren and baby twins Sophie and Sam's Naming Day. As requested, the children were having a picnic, surrounded by flowers, woodland animals. Click on the photo to see the detail. Featuring mini sandwiches, apples, and of course, a cake!
Lots to see, lots of hours to make! All edible.

Handbags & Heels
This design consisted of two cakes stacked up - both chocolate sponge filled with chocolate flavour buttercream. One decorated in the style of a shoe box, and the other made into the vintage Chanel handbag, with stitching detail, rope strap and gold logo. A sugarpaste killer heel (complete with platform sole and gold buckle) finished off the girly pink design.
The handbag and shoe on this cake were modelled from photos provided by the recipient's family of her actual bag and shoes.

Mini Cheddars
mini cheddars
Carved victoria sandwich with edible sugarpaste decoration designed as a replica of a bag of Mini Cheddars. Featuring sugarpaste biscuits spilling out of the top. Gives another meaning to the name 'cheesecake'!

Trolley Dolly
7.5" victoria sandwich, featuring a sugarpaste model of Katie, a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic, together with her luggage and handbag, shoes and plenty of champagne bottle candles.

Ipsy Upsy Daisy Doo
Carved victoria sponge, covered in coloured sugarpaste in the colours and design of the popular TV character Upsy Daisy, from CBeebies 'In The Night Garden'.
Featuring a special rhyme for the birthday girl.
Hidden wire supports in the hair, otherwise, completely edible.

Orla Keily Handbag

Contemporary clutch bag design featuring Orla Keily's multi stem print. Includes stitching and piping detail, zip and gift tag.


Nanan with her Grandchildren
Two tier (9" and 6" cakes) chocolate flavour sponge filled with chocolate buttercream.
Featuring 'Nanan' with her three grandchildren, as well as meaningful items as requested by the customer; G&B chocolate, her glasses and the cuddly kangaroo. The figures were modelled using photos provided by the family, to ensure a match of hair colours and styles, clothing and shoes.
All items (except the wire glasses) are made from sugarpaste, and are edible.


Moet & Chandon
champagne bottle
Victoria sandwich layered and carved into the shape of a bottle of champagne, complete with golden foil to the top (edible gold paint), logo and label bearing the birthday message. All decorations are completely edible.
Presented on a silk effect sugarpaste covered board.


Grandad's Favourite Things
A victoria sandwich adorned with edible replicas of Dennis' most prized possessions. Every day, Den likes to complete the Telegraph crossword, with a cup of tea and his pipe. This crossword was designed to feature the names of all his family.
Absolutely all of this cake is edible.

Neonatal Nurse's Retirement
A 9" square victoria sandwich featuring Brigitte, a neonatal nurse who was retiring on her 65th birthday. The figure was modelled on photographs of Brigitte provided by her family, together with a description of her uniform. All edible, except hidden supports inside the figure and topiary trees.


Transport Crate
A cube (four layers) of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate flavour buttercream. Covered with marbled chocolate sugarpaste for a woodgrain effect, and finished with 'metal' casing to the edges. Decorated with a (completely edible) Stanley tape measure, and a variety of warning stickers.


Roary and Friends
A 9" victoria sandwich covered with green sugarpaste, complete with handmade edible models of Roary the Racing Car, Plugger, Big Chris and Flasher. Placed in a racetrack setting, the models were accessorised with traffic cones, tyres and a few carrots to keep Flasher going...


Norfolk Broads Cruiser 

A replica of 'Our Sandra' moored on the Norfolk Broads. A carved chocolate sponge cake, featuring a sugarpaste model of the birthday boy's fox terrier, and a riverbank bursting with bullrushes.

Stacked 10" and 7.5" victoria sponges for Leanne, a 'girly girl' who loves cats, and who has adopted the nickname 'catwoman'; hence the handmade sugarpaste cake topper! Pink sugarpaste decorated with hand cut cat silhouettes, finished with organza, satin and polka dot ribbons, sugarpaste covered board and a birthday message.


The One that Got Away 
A victoria sponge for keen fisherman Kyle's 18th birthday. Featuring edible items such as a wooden signpost, bullrushes, pebbles, big silver fish and fisherman figurine.


Bunting and Flowers
An 8.5" cake for Kay's birthday. A vanilla sponge filled with chocolate flavour buttercream and covered with chocolate sugarpaste. Featuring bunting to the sides and flowers scattered over the top. A few candles finished off the design.

 Henry Hoover
Carved and filled victoria sponge decorated with red and black sugarpaste in the style of Henry (or you could have Hetty...).

Camping / Kayak  Theme

Themed cake for Mick's 50th, which featured his interests; paddling in his kayak, camping and his black labrador, Millie. Figure and kayak were modelled using photos provided by the family. Underneath, a 9" victoria sandwich. The tent, kayak, figures, pebbles and trees are all edible, including the rice paper flag.


Stacked Floral & Ribbon Tiers
A 10" 'ribbon effect' base tier supporting a floral 8" top tier; both victoria sandwiches. Finished with sugarpaste beads to the edge, and a cake topper made from ribbons and sugarpaste beads threaded onto wires.

Fosters Can
A carved chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream. Decorated using sugarpaste and piping to mimic the design on the brand new style of Fosters can. Finished with a  birthday message for the 'Foster Monster' and a few candles to mark the celebration.


Treasure Chest
The centrepiece for a surprise pirate themed Murder Mystery party. A victoria sponge cake presented in two sections and covered with marbled chocolate sugarpaste; the 'lid' section sits slightly raised to reveal the 'treasure' (rubies, emeralds, strings of pearls, gold coins and silver nuggets). Surrounded by sand, driftwood, a starfish, treasure map and pebbles. All edible.... yes, even the wood and pebbles!

Snap On Toolbox
An edible model of a 'Snap on' toolbox. Layers of victoria sponge cake, covered in sugarpaste with a selection of handcrafted sugarpaste tools. Featuring a raised lid, two open drawers, the logo and a variety of metallic tools; a hammer, spanner, pliers, screwdriver, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, allen keys and sockets (all made by hand and painted using edible food colours).

Budweiser Can
A carved chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream. Decorated using sugarpaste and freehand piping to mimic the design on a Bud can. Finished with a gift tag birthday message and candles.

A 10" round, quadruple layered, victoria sandwich cake, finished with girly pink sugarpaste and a decorative butterfly design. Space
for customer's own candles to be placed at the top of the cake. Featuring a generous sprinkle of edible glitter as a finishing touch.


Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
A round victoria sandwich covered in pearlised lilac sugarpaste, topped with edible figurines of Ben and Holly, and surrounded by a garden of leaves and flowers, butterflies and bumble bees. Finished with plenty of sparkly edible glitter for the birthday princess.


Rugby Themed Tiered Stack

A two tiered, stacked victoria sponge cake, covered in white sugarpaste and decorated with an edible rugby ball, rugby post, name plaque and birthday message. Finished with co-ordinating black piping. Space was left on the top tier for the customer's own candles.  


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mickey and friends' Clubhouse, complete with slide and door detail, together with a Mickey Mouse fondant figure. Finished design is made from vanilla sponge cake filled with chocolate flavour buttercream (dome and foot) and moulded rice crispy treats (head and hand). Feeds approximately 25-30 people.


Breast Wishes
A layered victoria sandwich modelled into a pert pair to wish Clive 'all the breast' for his wedding the next day! Perfect for Stag Nights or men's birthdays.
All completely edible!


Stiletto Shoe
A carved 12" cake, made from a triple layered victoria sandwich. Covered in pink and black sugarpaste, and decorated with diamantes (edible silver balls), a piped sugarpaste gift tag and sugarpaste flower shaped candle holders.

Manager in the Bath

A two tier stacked chocolate cake (23cm/9" square and 20cm/8" round), each tier containing a triple sandwich of chocolate sponge and buttercream. Finished with a combination of white and chocolate flavour sugarpaste (believe me, it's yum!) and a handmade bathtub topper with accessories; including sponge, bath towel, soap and flannel, shampoo bottles, rubber duck, laptop and mobile phone. All edible except the snoozing birthday boy's spectacles.


Animal Print
animal print
A two tier stacked cake (10"and 7.5" rounds) decorated with sugarpaste to mimic giraffe and zebra markings. Featuring a handmade cake topper (made from co-ordinating ribbons and wired sugarpaste beads and stars) beads around each tier and sugarpaste lettering.


All Things Chocolate

A quadruple layered 19cm/7.5" chocolate sponge filled and covered with chocolate buttercream. Heaped with Maltesers, giant chocolate buttons and edged with Cadbury's chocolate fingers. Finished with a satin ribbon and tiny handpressed sugarpaste flowers, together with a piped Belgian chocolate plaque.



A scaled down version of Fred's boat 'Soll' that is moored in Ripon.
Complete with potted flowers, wooden ducks, moving tiller handle and brass buttons (all made from edible sugarpaste). Finished with bunting, the club flag and champagne bottle candles.


Chocolate Heaven
Chocolate marble sponge cake (22cm/8.5" round) filled and covered with chocolate buttercream. Decorated with handmade chocolate shards, curls and solid chocolate plaque.